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Children Embracing in Circle

Experience the thrill of outdoor learning and adventure with our nature-based programs for children and youth!


Flying Squirrel Adventures is all about embracing the great outdoors and having a blast while doing it! Our programs are designed to ignite a love for nature and encourage everyone to get outside and play. We are a charitable program with the Blomidon Naturalists Society.

With our 100% outdoor delivery children's programs, we create an environment where children can lead their own learning journey. Through play, curiosity, and dynamic experiences in nature, we foster connection to oneself, others, and the natural world.

Our Youth Leadership Program is designed specifically for youth ages 13-18. We work with young people to prepare for and lead a camping adventure. In the process we help build confidence, support the development of crucial life  skills and foster friendships.  

All children and youth should have the opportunity for gently facilitated
play and learning
in forests, fields, streams and parks.

As Nature guides we pay attention to the needs of each participant by listening, supporting,
encouraging and celebrating
their unique character.


A disconnection from nature disconnects us from ourselves and each other. We know first-hand that nature teaches, heals and inspires.


We want every child and youth to have a deep
connection to, awareness of and love for nature


Hiking in Forest

The Flying Squirrel is a symbol of curiosity and fun in nature. We embody these values and strive to empower people to experience the joy and wonder of the natural world.

Join Us in Exploring Nature

Nature Exploration: Inspiring Young Minds to Discover the Wonders of the Forest
Building Connections with Mother Nature, One Adventure at a Time
Empowering Kids through Outdoor Play and Nature Discovery
In the Forest, Every Step is a Lesson, Every Sight a Revelation, and Every Sound a Story
Unleashing Creativity and Imagination in the Heart of the Wilderness
From Climbing Trees to Exploring Creeks: Every Day is an Adventure in the Forest!
Encouraging Curiosity: Where Young Hearts Connect with the Beauty of Nature
Engaging Kids in Nature: Cultivating a Lifelong Love for the Great Outdoors
Nature's Classroom: Where Children Thrive and Curiosity Blooms
Nature-Inspired Learning: Igniting a Lifelong Passion for Environmental Stewardship
Creating Lasting Memories in the Natural Playground of the Forest

A Child's Journey

Join a program

Explore, Play, Learn, Grow

Develop Confidence, Trust, Ability, Self-Esteem, Imagination

"Flying Squirrels is so much fun!  There are some kids that go every month and I also get to make new friends too.  Last month we saw an eagle with her chicks through a telescope and they were gigantic!"

Rachel - Age 9

Relationship with the Land is at the heart of
what we do, and this Land is Indigenous

Our programs take place in Sipekni'katik one of the seven regions in Mi’kma’ki, the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which did not deal with the surrender of lands and resources but recognized Mi’kmaw title. As Treaty people, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to honour and learn about Mi’kmaq history and current culture and to actively work in support of reconciliation. We are committed to these things and to fostering respectful and sustainable relationships with the Indigenous Peoples of this land, with non-human beings, with the land and with the water.  What this means in practice in the context of our work and our personal lives is a process to which we are committed and actively seek guidance.

We also honour and respect the contributions of African Nova Scotians as a founding culture in this province. We recognise African Nova Scotian as a distinct people whose histories, legacies
and contributions have enriched that part of Mi’kma’ki known as Nova Scotia for over 400 years. African Nova Scotias have a deep relationship to the land that has much to teach our work and
how we relate to the land and each other.

Support Our Work

Your donation helps to make our programs accessible to all children, youth, and adults through our bursary program.

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